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WordPress Speed Optimization to Make your Website Load Super Fast

Your website speed is too low and losing the customers, right? Let us take all the hassles as our WordPress speed optimization service takes all those headaches to sky-rocket your website speed, so your audience is more happy.

A website isn’t only an advanced promoting medium now. It implies a critical job in the computerized change of business in this digital era.

The website clearly turns into the foundation of your online existence and enables you to grandstand your business’s validity. Whether it’s blogging, portfolio, e-commerce or any kind of website.

Despite the fact that your site has the ideal structure, perfect navigation, easy call-to-action options but is slow; this will ultimately cause the failure of your business

A slow site considerably impacts the income of your business – it gets de-ranked from search engines and consequently you lose the visitors.

Fast website loading time is essential, the loading speed of a site is influenced by a few variables like the choice of an ill-advised host, utilization of exceptionally huge pictures, outer installed media, in-optimized programs, plugins and applications, an excessive number of promotions, substantial themes, widgets, and ultimately unorganized source code.

But there is nothing to worry about since WordPress Virtual Assistant is here to make your WordPress website load super fast, improve user-experience, and leads.

Drawbacks of a Slow Website

If your website is slow it will have several adverse impacts, but the ultimate impact is loss of business. Yes, loss of business. In the online market, users have multiple easily available options, no one has the time to wait for a website to load and then again consuming time in performing their actions. Here are some of the cons of a slow website, and why you need WordPress speed optimization service?

Increased Bounce Rate

According to stats, a loading time of 4 seconds increases the bounce rate to 90%. That's alarming for any business! Similarly, as your website speed goes down there will be more users jumping out more quickly.

Drop off in Traffic

Are you noticing a drop off in your website traffic? The website speed speed is one of the main reason behind that! Since website speed has grown to be a ranking factor, it may loose you traffic.

Negative Impact on SEO

As mentioned earlier, your website speed is one of the main ranking factor. You're missing a big deal by not having a fast WordPress website since the search engines give priority to faster sites.

Low Conversion Rates

A slow website doesn't make a good impression and disturbs the overall user-experience. When a user doesn't get a fast delivery of content, they will not be converted into potential customers.

Experts in All Areas of WordPress

wordpress speed optimization service

The Best Rated WordPress Website Speed Optimization Services

WordPress Virtual Assistant is the leading WordPress WordPress website speed optimization services provider serving people for over a decade now. We comprise highly skilled WordPress developers who have vast experience in WordPress speed optimization.

Our WordPress experts are available 24/7 to boost up your WordPress website. We are acknowledged by the latest trends and technologies that drive a website fast. We speed up the WordPress sites so they not only become faster but rocks among some of the fastest websites in the world.


Avail Free Website Speed Audit

Get a Free audit report on your WordPress website speed performance. It’s absolutely free!

    WordPress Speed Optimization Checklist


    We optimize the large file size images with the latest & recommended file format i.e. webp.  Our experts analyze the images dimensions deeply resize them to save the database health.


    Google & other fonts and icons library optimization including font awesome, svg, and images icons etc. Limit Font Families with more optimization techniques.


    Make your website smaller and faster to load by minifying the JS and CSS code. This minifier removes whitespace, strips comments, combines files, and other assets to load with minimal time.


    Enable gzip compression · Gzip is a method of compressing files (making them smaller) for faster network transfers. It is also a file format. Powerful technique to improve load time with WordPress.


    WordPress Virtual Assistant offers database Performance Optimization service to increase the performance of your WordPress website.


    Page caching is another method which can help you to improve the load time. We use Page Caching and Other Methods to Speed up Your Site.


    Caching will improve speeds and browsing. Once the data is stored, visitors to your website will have a better experience as they will be able to move through your site faster.


    Lazy-loading is a technique that defers loading of non-critical resources at page load time. Instead, these non-critical resources are loaded at the moment of need.


    Defer parsing of JavaScript is a key technique to speed up your WordPress site. We alter when your Javascript files execute or load to speed up your site.


    We use a CDN (content delivery network). CDNs boost the speed of websites by caching content in multiple locations around the world.


    Expires headers tell the browser whether they should request a specific file from the server or whether they should grab it from the browser's cache.


    Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) takes a different approach. Instead of measuring your entire website's load time, LCP measures how long it takes your most meaningful content to load.


    Get a Free Consultation with our expert who audits your website speed, guides, and suggest you the best plan. It’s absolutely free!

    As A Part Of Our WordPress Speed Optimization Service We Do

    Why WordPress Virtual to Speed Up Your Website?

    Our WordPress speed optimization service makes you deliver the extraordinary User-Experience to your visitors.

    Unlike the amateur WordPress geeks, we do not only install some plugins and call it website speed optimization. We rather dig in deep, evaluate the obstacles, roll out the reasons behind the slow speed and then manually rectify the issues.

    The final product of our work is a specially designed, genuine, results-oriented, end-user-based, self-keeping up, self-advancing and as prudent that you can excitedly proceed to post your content, products, etc.

    wordpress speed optimization services

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    WordPress page speed optimization cost around $100 to $600 depending upon your website size, features, current loading time & how much improvement you are looking for. Email us at quote@wordpressvirtual.com

    Yes, website speed is the direct ranking factor now. Page speed can drastically increase the bounce rate leaving a bad impression for search engines.

    We are not limited to one or completely on plugins. We do a manual audit and then select the right method. Mostly WP Rocket, WP Total Cashe, etc. are used.

    Getting started is really easy. Once you have decided to hire us for a particular WordPress service, all you need to do is ask for a free estimate on your project budget. You can also contact us via phone numbers at +923127355445 or +923127355445.

    We are available to serve you according to your need. If you have a task that requires one-time effort, we are open for that too. Moreover, we also offer monthly WP maintencance service along with hourly WordPress support.

    After agreeing on a specific set of deliverables and budget we send you the invoice of down payment that is 30% of the total budget. We receive the payments through Bank transfer, PayPal, Western Union, Payoneer, Stripe, etc.

    Well, that’s sorry to hear and didn’t happened so far with our clients. However, we offer 100% refund in that case.

    Yes, we are available on Skype as well as Zoom.

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