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WordPress websites earn you huge money by leveraging your business to the heights that’s why they remain on the constant threat from hackers. Success brings along envious haters who try to reduce visitors on your site and thwart your search engine rankings. So, your WordPress website needs protection, we provide the best WordPress security services to take the strong steps towards securing your website.

WordPress Virtual Assistant includes a dedicated team of website security specialists who implement lethal strategies that assure your WordPress website security. We always stay updated of new hacking trends and gladly have provided our site security services to many clients.

Though WordPress itself is way secure, however,  incorporating third-party plugins cause a vulnerability in the site. We cannot undermine every plugin however a security specialist can detect what plugin is a weak point. So, our WordPress security services comprises analyzing, detecting, and securing your WordPress website.

wordpress security services

How do We Secure your WordPress Website?

Our security experts have full hands-on evaluating and solving DNS issues, WHOIS, SSL, FTP, Malware, Spam, blacklisting and many other issues. You will get your website completely analyzed and a report will be presented to you that will tell loopholes in your website. Then we’ll initiate securing your website from A to Z, below we have enlisted an overview for a better understanding of our WordPress security plan.

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Get a Free Consultation with our expert who audits, guides, and suggest you the best plan. It’s absolutely free!

Cutting Edge Dual Security Plan

You can react to a rupture in security if you get to know it early and be notified; this is called threat detection. This lets you get aware at whatever point something has turned out bad in your WordPress website. Our cutting edge dual security plan, server-side, and remote scanner ceaselessly slide through your WordPress site for issues. Our  WordPress security services further embraces integrity checks. Integrity checks are significant in reviewing WordPress installation, as it can enable you to know when some great records have abruptly turned corrupt.


Recreate a custom/ anonymous a Login page for WordPress.


We ensure the daily backdups of the website.


The idea is to completely hide and rename all the plugins and themes.


Consistent database optimization and security measures to avoid SQL injections.


Forcing the user to generate strong passwords during the registration time.


24/ 7 website monitoring to keep the hackers attack away.


We hide all the WP directories, themes, plugins, and other common URLs from the source code.


Making sure the SSL certificate is often running to add an additional security layer.


Limiting the login attempts automatically save us from the brute force attack to some extent.


We have more than 7 techniques to prevent the DDos attack in 2020.


2-factor authentication further adds a verification layer to confirm if the user is real.


Site hacked? Don't worry, WordPress Virtual is here to get it back to you in minimal time.


Monitoring the inbound links to avoid negative SEO attacks.

IP Tracking & Blocking

We monitor the IP resources that cause problem and block them to use our resources.

Themes & Plugin Updates

Regularly Updating themes and plugins adds further value to your security measures.


Fake crawlers not only breach your data but also harm your ranking. We permanently block them so you are safe.


Hire the WordPress Virtual Assistant to efficiently manage your WordPress website security on one-time, monthly, and yearly basis.

Pricing Plan

Take a look at our pricing plans. You’re more than welcome to ask for a free quote at quote@wordpressvirtual.com

Starting from
Audit and secure the WordPress website (one-time effort). Also recover the hacked website with security implementation.

Cloud Backups

Recover the Hacked Website

Malware Scan

Database Protection

Brute Force Protection

Weekly Plugin + Theme Scan

Manage Inactive Plugins

iThemes Security Pro premium plugin

Hiding WP Directories

Force Strong Password

2- Factor Authentication

Plugins Recommendations

ongoing (monthly)
Starting from
Frequently monitor, manage, and prevent your website from hacking.

Daily Cloud Backups

Force Secure Passwords

Daily Malware Scan

Database Protection

Brute Force Protection

Weekly Plugin + Theme Scan

Manage Inactive Plugins

Verify Trusted Sources

Advanced Features

Install a Firewall

2-terms Authentication

Rewriting WP Directories

Weekly plugin, theme and core file updates

24/7 monitoring of custom code

Google Analytics, Google Search Console Integration

iThemes Security Pro Premium Plugin

Speed Optimization

Mobile & tablet optimization

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WordPress Security Services
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We implement a bunch of security parameters including iThemes Security combined with other next-level steps. Being WordPress security services experts, we don’t rely on one plugin.

Yes, immediately go for the one-time plan and we’ll bring it back within 24 hours.

Yes, our security experts scan your website for viruses, and apply hard protection methods to prevent them in the future.

We have automated tools and scripts that continously checks for 400/ 500 errors in your website.

If any error found, we fix it immediately.

We are available to serve you according to your need. If you have a task that requires one-time effort, we are open for that too. Moreover, we also offer monthly WP maintencance service along with hourly WordPress support.

After agreeing on a specific set of deliverables and budget we send you the invoice of down payment that is 30% of the total budget. We receive the payments through Bank transfer, PayPal, Western Union, Payoneer, Stripe, etc.

Well, that’s sorry to hear and didn’t happened so far with our clients. However, we offer 100% refund in that case.

Getting started is really easy. Once you have decided to hire us for a particular WordPress service, all you need to do is ask for a free estimate on your project budget. You can also contact us via phone numbers at +923127355445 or +923127355445.

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